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A City with Potential



Przemyśl is a city in south-eastern Poland, in the eastern part of the Podkarpackie province. It covers an area of 44.1 km2.It is a major communications hub which links the east with the west and the north with the south of Europe. At present it is one of the easternmost cities of the European Union and plays a major role in the transborder co-operation with Ukraine.


Road infrastructure


Przemyśl is directly linked with the Wrocław-Kraków-Korczowa transit route (the A4 motorway and national road no. 4). Between 2007 and 2013 it is planned to construct the last section of the motorway from Kraków to the Ukrainian border (now national road no. 4, which 20 km before Przemyśl turns into expressway no. 77, leading to Medyka). There is also another way to Przemyśl and Medyka, national road no. 28 from the border crossing to Slovakia in Barwinek. Intensive work is in progress at the moment, preparing the construction of a ring road in the north-eastern part of the city with the bridge on the River San, linking national roads nos. 77 and 28. 

Distances to the border crossings to Ukraine and Slovakia:

- in Medyka (12 km) and Korczowa (40 km),

- in Malhowice-Nyzhankovyci (10 km); in 2008 it is planned to develop the infrastructure of another road and rail border crossing to Ukraine, leading to the shortest route to the Eastern Carpathians

- in Barwinek (120 km).


Railway infrastructure

The E-30 Berlin-Kiev European route runs through Przemyśl. This route has enormous economic significance for both passenger and freight transport. The domestic and international railway station is located in the city centre, and the connection with the broad-gauge railway enables direct servicing of passenger- and goods trains from Ukraine.

Przemyśl has convenient railway connections through Rzeszów, Kraków, Upper Silesia, Opole and Wrocław to Zgorzelec, Poznań, Szczecin as well as Berlin, Dresden and Prague. The powerfully developed railway infrastructure and the existing border logistics contributes to undeniable economic potential of the city and region.

PKP Cargo SA Zakład w Przemyślu, as one of the largest „dry ports”, services two border crossings with Ukraine: Medyka-Mostiska and Werchrata-Rava Ruska as regards conveyance (export, import and transit) to Ukraine and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, taking into account the change of track breadth and means of transport. PKP Cargo SA is able to reload any shipment, has modern reloading equipment, and its daily reloading capacity is 20 000 metric tons. Crude oil and its products, as well as chemicals which are not fit for reloading are handled in private reloading points in Żurawica and Medyka: Eurologistyka S.A., Trade Trans Spółka z o.o., CTL Południe, Sp. z o.o., JK Energy & Logistics Sp. z o.o.

Due to the fact that the plant lies on the line of the third Transeuropean Transportation Corridor (Berlin-Kiev) and can deliver to the ports in Odessa and Constanţa and further to the Middle East, there is a considerable potential for development of high-processed goods conveyance on the West – East – West line. The adopted „Concept of construction of a logistics centre and points of concentration of reloading works and logistic services” by 2010 in the area of Medyka-Żurawica will facilitate the adjustment to the requirements of changes in modern economy as regards conveyance and logistics.

Air transport infrastructure

The nearest airport is in Jasionka near Rzeszów (ca. 90 km from Przemyśl). The airport offers domestic and international connections (including cheap flights by Ryanair to London and Dublin).

The airport is developing dynamically because of convenient location and extensive translatlantic market. The heavy industry plants all over the region provide a potential for cargo planes.

The planned development of the airport includes first of all:

- construction of a passenger terminal of target flow capacity ca. 1440 passengers per hour (for the planes: B767, B747, A340),

- development of the network of regular international connections (to London, Dublin, Rome, Paris etc.)

- participation of charter carriers (at present flights to and from New York partly realised by Tunis Air, ElAl and SunD’or and by LOT),

- extension of a cargo port for transporting industrial products,

- construction of aprons for parking, reloading and defrosting passenger- and cargo planes.

A modern terminal plus the second longest (after Warsaw) runway (3200 m) will make it possible for the local people to use direct European and transatlantic connections.


Przemyśl has a population of 66 909, including 31 420 males - ca. 47% and 35 489 females - ca. 53%. The density of population is 1 517 people/km2.



In Przemyśl there are two hospitals – the Province Hospital and the 114 Military Hospital and Clinic, which are state-owned, as well as private health centres, specialist clinics and an industrial medicine centre.  

In the Province Hospital (with 682 beds), there are 21 wards covering all the major areas of medicine: internal diseases, ortopaedics, gynaecology and obstetrics, surgery, rheumatology, nephrology, urology, otolaryngology, pulmonology, cardiology, dermatology, ophtalmology, and neurology as well as 12 specialist clinics. In January 2005 the Hospital joined the national network of medical units whose main goal is early detection of cerebral strokes.

In the Province Hospital and Clinic (20 specialist outpatient clinics) there are 315 beds in 9 wards. In 1999 the Polish Quality Monitoring Centre granted it an accredited hospital status. In recent years the hospital bought modern equipment for rehabilitation, arthroscopy and for the Institute of Imaging Diagnostics. An emergency ward has also been created and a psychiatric ward opened with 30 places.

Basic statistics:

Hospitals – 2 (997 beds),
Clinics – 33 (incl. 10 state-run),
Pharmacies – 29,
Social assistance centres – 4,
Medical doctors – 269 (39.8 per 10 000 residents),
Nurses – 680 (100.7 per 10 000 residents),
Dentists – 41 (6.1 per 10 000 residents).


Basic statistics
Primary schools – 13
Middle schools (gimnazjum) – 9
Secondary schools – 13:

(general secondary schools, secondary schools of gastronomy and food industry, electronical and technical, mechanical and of wood industry, economic, ecological and of agribusiness, music school, continual training centre, practical training centre).

Foreign language teaching institutions – 6

Higher education institutions, colleges, educational institutes

- Wyższa Szkoła Administracji i Zarządzania (The School of Public Administration and Management)

- Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Wschodnioeuropejska (East European College)

- Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarcza (College of Economy)

- Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Zarządzania w Przemyślu (College of Information Technology and Management)

- Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych (Foreign Languages Teacher Training College)

- Kolegium Nauczycielskie (Teacher Training College)

- Wyższe Seminarium Duchowne (Seminary)

- Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Nauk (The Society of the Friends of Learning)

- Południowo - Wschodni Instytut Naukowy (South-Eastern Research Institute)



The major benefits of running a business in Przemyśl:

Due to the potential conditions and growth factors, three basic roles of the Podkarpackie province in the national economy have developed: industrial, agricultural and tourism-and-recreation oriented as well as auxiliary roles: transport, construction and services.

The major branches of industry in Przemyśl:

The companies operating in Przemyśl prove that the local skilled labour resources allow for undertaking technologically advanced production: industrial automatics, electrotechnics, electromechanical equipment.

Due to the city’s position near the border, also road and rail freight transport companies are developing dynamically. Przemyśl as an important road and rail hub is also a centre of logistic, reloading and commercial services (centres, wholesale stores, transborder co-operation with the East), using perfectly developed rail infrastructure. There are also medium and large companies of the public sector and numerous small and medium manufacturing and services plants (in tourism, hotel management, trade and gastronomy, but also transport, stock management, communications and banking).

The vicinity of Przemyśl is a typically agricultural area of low degree of chemicalization of agriculture with favourable conditions for the development of laborious production of organic food and with considerable potential of the food processing industry. In the area of Jarosław, Przemyśl and Przeworsk there are the best soils in the whole province: the chernozem formed on loess. At present the best potential is concentrated in the following branches: meat, cereal-and milling-industry, fruit-and-vegetable industry, dairy and sugar industry.

The costs of running a business

Your choice of Przemyśl as the city to invest in also means lower costs of running a business and definitely cheaper services than in big cities.

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